The Ark Cattery: Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How big are the cabins, are they big enough for two cats?
A: The cabins are 27 square feet, split between an indoor cabin and an outdoor exercise area, and are licensed to accommodate two cats from the same family.

Q: Do the cats get any attention?
A: Yes, all the cats get lots of attention. As we only have 10 cabins we have plenty of time for each cat.

Q: What about the weather? How do cats cope in the cold or the heat?
A: The temperature of the cattery is monitored and recorded on a daily basis. As the cattery is brick built, in the summer months it remains very cool. When the temperature drops, the indoor areas are heated via radiators and each cat has a heated pad under their bedding. Cats can chose to go into their outside area as and when they wish. The outdoor area is completely covered and incorporates an outdoor cat house should they prefer to sit outside.

Q: Is the cattery licensed and insured?
A: Yes, each year an animal welfare officer from Sevenoaks District Council carries out a formal inspection and then issues the licence for the next 12 months. They can however call at any time during the year to undertake a random inspection to ensure all the regulations are met. We are very pleased that the cattery has been licensed since 1992. Although we are insured we strongly recommend that Clients take out their own insurance.

Q: What if I do not have transport or cannot get to the cattery during opening hours?
A: Not a problem, we provide a collection and delivery service upon request (please telephone to obtain a price for this service). Clients also find this service useful where they leave or get home from work outside our normal opening hours. We are also happy to just collect or deliver your cat back if this is more convemeient to you.

Q: Are all the cats boarded vaccinated?
A: Absolutely, all cats must be fully vaccinated and have received a booster injection within the last twelve months. In order to comply with our licence, cats must be boarded with an up to date vaccination record, which we keep on display in the cattery, during their visit.

Q: Do you take cats on medication and can you give injections?
A: We will administer any medication that is taken oraly or via food or water. Having received veterinary training, we are also happy to administer injections.

Q: What food do you provide and how often do you feed?
A: We stock a large selection of food, wet and dry. When we take a booking, we ask what your cat eats and will not eat in order to make their stay as happy as possible. We will also check their dietary needs on the day they are boarded, in case there has been a change. Adult cats are fed twice daily; kittens and elderly cats according to their needs. However your cat is fed at home is how they are fed when staying with us.

Q: Can I view the cattery before I make a booking.
A: Yes in fact we always encourage our new customers to come to see the cattery and to meet us before you go away.

Q: My cat is nervous of other cats; can they see the other cats or come into contact with them?
A: Cats have their own cabin and cannot see or mix with any other cats that are staying with us. This ensures that they will not come into contact with, nor become upset or stressed by seeing unfamiliar cats.
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